Who is Kwix Global Solutions?

Based out of Queensland Australia, our client base is both Australian and global.

Kwix has been operational since 2015.

We have successfully delivered multiple projects on different business domain to our clients and are proud of our customer loyalty and retention.

We are flexible in such a way that we can agree to a locked in contract price, where you can be assured that the contract won’t go over budget. Or, we can work on an hourly rate. This way you control how your money is being spent.


Aimed towards automating the swimming pool & spa industry products, by virtue of a mobile app, this solution works on building smart appliances, which are then automated using a mobile app.

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Research App

Aimed at digitisation of Trauma Treatment to scale in war-impacted communities across Africa, the University of Sydney collaborated with Kwix to define a holistic Enterprise Solution for Researchers to conduct clinical trials and to collect information about treatment efficacy.

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A Dating App - with a twist!

Aimed at millennials, this Australian Owned firm is coming up with some real intuitive and smart features to play the dating game. With bar integrated and venues hosted, you could match with people already going to a bar near you.

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Happy Clients

40+ extremely satisfied customers and still counting